The Dreamer Coffee Shop

Give your dreams wings so they may fly.

We are a coffee bar specializing in handcrafted coffee, espresso, and tea beverages. 

Est. 2014

Welcome Back, Ally!

We are excited to announce that one of our original baristas, Ally, has returned! Stop in and say hello (or meet!) Ally, as well as get to know her by reading her interview below!

What's your role at the shop?

I'm a barista, which means my job is to make your drink absolutely perfect!

What do you love about working with coffee?

I love the versatility of coffee and espresso, as well as how a good cup of coffee can bring people together!

What is your favorite drink and why?

Some days you'll find me with a simple (but wonderful!) pour over! When I'm wanting something sweeter, an iced Cafe Miel with soy is my choice.

What music do you like to listen to while working?

Anything! I like to mix it up between chill songs and those with a more upbeat feel.

Where can we find you when you're not working?

Probably at home with my guinea pigs, Ginny and Olive, or with my friends. I love spending time with all my people, no matter where it is!

Best part about working at The Dreamer?

All the great people I encounter! I love chatting and learning about customers. Not to mention, I have some of the best co-workers around!

What would you choose as your last meal?

I only know one thing - for desert, I'd be having a genuine cannoli. Whatever else i had would be smothered in cheese =)